Tianjin Foreign Language Audio-Visual Publishing House  


  The TFSU-sponsored Tianjin Foreign Language Audio-Visual Publishing House, the sole China Audio-Visual Association member in Tianjin, is dedicated to spreading world culture and encouraging the advancement of social sciences. It is also an important platform for TFSU to transform its teaching and research achievements in service of the society.
  The publishing house has launched eight series of audio-visual products encompassing some 100 categories, including The Superior Series in foreign languages and the Standard Pronunciation Series. Among them, Understanding the “Dragon”: A Panorama of Chinese Culture, published in 12 languages—Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, German and Swahili, has been listed as a “National Publishing Fund Project” four consecutive times, and has been granted the “Nomination Award for Electronic Publications in Outstanding Publications of China”, the “13th Tianjin Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award”, and the “11th Tianjin Outstanding Book Award”; Chinese Yangliuqing Woodblock New Year Paintings - A Journey through Time (DVD-ROM, Chinese-English, Chinese-Japanese, Chinese-Russian, Chinese-Spanish), and The Political Wisdom of Ancient Chinese are chosen as “National Publishing Fund Projects”; 1,200 French Sentences in Everyday Conversation is designated as the training material for the Chinese peacekeeping force; Approaching Tianjin: A Handbook of Practical English is selected by the CPC Youth League Tianjin Committee as a textbook for Tianjin’s “One Million Youth Learning English” campaign.





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