TFSU’s Machang Road Campus sits in Tianjin’s iconic Wudadao area for Western architecture, featuring a highly enjoyable environment. Most of the buildings located on this campus are of classic European-style. In 2005, with the approval of the municipal government, a number of school buildings built in the 1920s-30s were classified as Historical Heritage Architecture because of their important scientific, cultural, artistic, and humanistic values. Among them, the Clock Tower Building (the main building of Hautes Etudes Industrielles et Commerciales) was rated by the State Council as an Important Heritage Site under State Protection.

  TFSU’s Binhai Campus lies in the ecologically-friendly university complex of Dagang District, Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA). It boasts beautiful scenery and convenient transportation, with the Dagang Economic Development Zone to the east and the Linchaohu Park in the west. Together with the nearby higher education institutions and educational organizations, the Binhai campus creates a rich cultural atmosphere for the community.

The main building of our Binhai Campus

Former Residence of the French Priest Emile Licent, Founder of the MUSEE HOANGHO PAIHO (later renamed Beijiang Museum)

Beijiang Museum

“Cultural Wall” in our Machang Road Campus

Scenery from the Machang Road Campus

“Cultural Wall” in our Binhai Campus

French Catholic Church of Hautes Etudes Industrielles et Commerciales

“Heping Building” of Hautes Etudes Industrielles et Commerciales

Yingqing Lake, Binhai Campus




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