Doctoral Program

Translation of CPC Literature: Chinese into Japanese

Translation of CPC Literature: Chinese into Russian

Translation of CPC Literature: Chinese into English

Translation of CPC Literature: Chinese into Korean

MA Programs (Academic)

English Language & Literature

Japanese Language & Literature

French Language & Literature

Russian Language & Literature

German Language & Literature

Spanish Language & Literature

Asian-African Languages & Literature

Arabic Language & Literature

Italian Language & Literature

Portuguese Language & Literature

Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics

Comparative Literature & World Literature

Ancient Chinese Literature

Modern & Contemporary Chinese Literature

Chinese Philology

Linguistics & Applied Linguistics

Foreign Philosophy

World Economics

Western Economics

Political Economics

Population, Resources, and Environmental Economics

Management Science & Engineering

MA Programs (Professional)




Master of Translation & Interpreting (MTI)

Chinese-English Translation

Chinese-English Interpreting

Chinese-Japanese Translation

Chinese-Japanese Interpreting

Chinese-Russian Translation

Chinese-Russian Interpreting

Chinese-French Translation

Chinese-French Interpreting

Chinese-German Translation

Chinese-German Interpreting

Chinese-Korean Translation

Chinese-Korean Interpreting

Chinese-Spanish Translation

Chinese-Arabic Translation

Master of Journalism & Communication (MJC)

International Journalism

Intercultural Communication

Advertising Integration, Marketing, and Communication

Master of International Business (MIB)

International Investment & Transnational Operation

International Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Business Foreign Language

Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL)




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